What Pills Have the Most Pseudoephedrine in Them?

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The use of medicines which contain pseudoephedrine is common among children despite the basic health risks the drug poses to them, it has been revealed.

Boston University notes that the substance has been associated with adverse events among young patients.

In the worst cases, young individuals treated with medicine which contains the drug have been known to die.

Despite this, a study by the educational institution found that such medicines remain prevalent among the US population.

Pseudoephedrine is a decongestant typically used in treatments for coughs and colds.

The researchers found that almost one in 20 children are treated with the drug in any given week.

Among children aged two years or younger, this proportion rises to 8.1 per cent – potentially putting their basic health at risk.

However, the institution adds that the prevalence of pseudoephedrine has been reduced by efforts to minimise the distribution of methamphetamines.

The University of Alberta recently revealed that methamphetamine abuse is more likely in young people who engage in activities socially accepted as being risky.

Among those who do not take any other drugs, pastimes such as smoking and drinking were identified as risk factors.


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